PDRA Drag Wars

Dunn, NC

After a two month break from racing (due to being in a wedding & the PDRA Super Strip Nationals event being rained out), Brunson was eager to get back on his beloved GDB/Indocil Art backed PXM "Ed Honcho." Brunson was extra juiced to be back in the seat for PDRA Drag Wars at his favorite track, Galot Motorsports Park. Still within the thick of the points battle but several rounds back, Brunson & the GDB team needed a big event to have a shot at the title going into the remaining two events of the season.

A total of 12 bikes were on the property including a second GDB entry "Lucy" ridden by Shane "Showboat" Eperjesi of Lake Dallas, TX. In the nearly 3000 feet of air (compared to the air that was in the negative numbers at the Spring PDRA East Coast Nationals Galot event) Showboat unloaded with a solid middle of the pack 4.223 at 165 mph. Shortly after, Brunson looked to put Honcho into the 4.0s where he left off two months ago but unfortunately had to shut the bike off at the starting line when he noticed something awry in the clutch setup. After making a clutch adjustment, Brunson was the first PXM out for Q2 & went straight down broadway & right back into the 0's with a 4.098 at 172 mph to the number four spot. Shane followed just a few pairs behind & picked up four numbers from his previous qualifying time to a 4.181 at 166 mph but slide down to the number 9 qualifying position.

With both riders having at least one look at the track & the density altitude dropping around 750 feet, both GDB riders were looking to step up their performance. Showboat took the first crack at it & picked up three numbers to a 4.154 at 168 mph to stay in the number 9 qualifying position. Brunson then followed suit & picked up 4.5 numbers to a 4.053 at a stout 175.84 mph for the number 3 qualifying position heading into race day.

Showboat squared off round one against the 2017 PDRA World Champion Travis Davis of Douglas, GA. Showboat went after the tree & the tuneup in attempt to uproot the champ but only got one of two as he left with a holeshot advantage but faltered on the other end as Travis' 4.10 ousted Shane's 4.20. Brunson rolled up next against another Davis, Timmy aboard the John Davis Sr. built turbo charged PXM. This time is was the GDB entry notching the win as Brunson clicked off 4.101 at 173 mph in the 3200 feet of air with a track temp in excess of 130 degrees.

That brought up the quarterfinals & a rematch of the quarterfinals from the PDRA Spring event between Brunson & Travis Davis. Much like the first matchup, the second matchup was extremely tight & decided by a mere .005 stripe with Brunson getting the win light with a 4.071 at a "King Kong" muscling 176.21 mph in the thick early September air. The semifinals brought a matchup that has been seen over and over the past few years as the two have traded big win for big win, Brunson against Chris Garner-Jones of Huntsville, AL. And as history often repeats itself, Brunson & Chris put on another spectacular one that was decided by a scant .005 at the stripe. Chris was able to squeak past Brunson's sizeable holeshot with a winning 4.030 to Brunson's slower 4.074.

That puts Brunson & the GDB team 5.5 rounds back of the points lead with only two PDRA races left in the season & an awfully steep mountain to climb. However, Brunson & the rest of the GDB crew are going to make a few changes (which include removing the original tire to Ed Honcho since it's maiden voyage in the fall of 2014) & return to Huntsville, AL in a couple weeks & try to defend their Spring “King of the Crown” victory.