Nawaf "Spider" Aldossary, Back for More

العنكبوت هو العودة في العمل، وانه مستعد للذهاب بشكل أسرع من أي وقت مضى

The first 2014 Grothus Dragbikes pro-extreme motorcycle is officially sold and on its way to the Middle East! Saudi Arabian native and current owner of a previously Grothus Dragbikes owned pro-mod, Nawaf Aldossary, recently came back to America for more!

Nawaf "Spider" Aldossary has made two trips to the United States of America in his lifetime, and both times he was here, he was here for the sport he loves most, Drag Racing. Pictured below is Nawaf alongside GDB rider Brunson Grothus in 2009 when Nawaf purchased his first pro-mod from Grothus Dragbikes. 

Since 2009, Nawaf and Grothus Dragbikes have formed a great personal & business relationship; that relationship blossomed to even newer heights when Nawaf spent over 2 weeks here in the United States working alongside GDB chassis fabricator and crew chief, Ed Grothus. 

The one and only "Spider" was able to spend some quality time here in the scenic Midwestern region of the US while he fulfilled race team responsibilities for Prince Saud Turki Al Saud’s Race World Team. Before Nawaf flew in, he shipped his 1570cc Suzuki GS motor to the GDB shop to be updated to a fresh 1800cc. The first update to the motor was installing the new Grothus Dragbikes billet block and pistons; his Vortex head was sent off to Ward Performance to be updated as well.  


Before Nawaf flew back home, he wanted to put an exclamation point on his trip. No better way to do this than to travel with the Grothus Dragbikes team to the ADRL World Finals event in Baytown, TX. It was at this event that Grothus Dragbikes captured their first ADRL event win and took the points lead into the 2014 season!

With Nawaf back home, it was up to GDB to finish the job Nawaf was here to help start. After receiving the head back from Ward Performance, seasoned motor builder Tom Klemme, of Klemme Performance Motorcycles, put his finishing touches on the 1800cc powerplant. Than it was full steam ahead on installing it into the brand spanking new GDB rolling chassis and finishing the bike so it could be shipped as soon as possible! In order to accomplish the feat, the Grothus Dragbikes team was all hands on deck to wire the bike, plumb the nitrous and fuel systems, mount the on-board computer, etc. The first 2014 Grothus Dragbikes PXM was one of the nicest bikes to ever roll out of the shop and included many of the latest and greatest advancements that Grothus Dragbikes has to offer. 


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