Grothus Dragbikes to Step up Motorcycle Performance Parts Production

October 23, 2014 @ 4:30 PM

As Grothus Dragbikes looks to step up and gain more market share of the motorcycle/dragbike performance parts industry, the proper steps have been taken with starting a secondary business and purchasing a new CNC mill.

This past week, Sentry Industries LLC, which Grothus Dragbikes has part ownership in, took delivery of a new Mazak 500C 4-Axis mill in order to produce aftermarket motorcyle parts and other billet machined pieces. 

In recent months, Grothus Dragbikes has started producing parts like: complete billet front ends, brake hangers, rear axles, axle block assemblies, etc. With this new mill, GDB plans to perfect those pieces and more in order to bring them to the market.  

This off-season should prove to be a .........

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