The Kawi Strikes Again!!!

July 17, 2013 @ 8:00 AM

NHDRO Mid Season Sizzle - Indianapolis, IN

July 12-14

With most of the focus of the Grothus Dragbikes team on Pro Extreme Motorcycle/Pro Comp racing, rider Brunson Grothus always relishes the opportunity to get back to his roots and bracket or E.T. race. Brunson bracket races his father Ed Grothus' old 1988 Race Visions multi-time National Championship Top Gas Kawasaki.

Brunson battled through five tough rounds of bracket racing and was really getting into a groove when he drew former NHRA Pro Stock rider Craig Treble in the semi finals. Brunson then made it awful tough on Craig by putting a five thousands package together for the win and moved onto the finals to meet the always tough Brandon Correll. Brandon was ......

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2013 Motorcycle Drag Racing Season: So Much to Choose From

July 16, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

In all the years of motorcycle drag racing which I can actually remember since the mid 80’s, I don’t ever recall a schedule like 2013 with so many options of dates, places and events to choose from! The 2013 Motorcycle Drag Racing season has boiled over with choices (and that boiling started last December)! I understand we are already in mid-July; however, I still want to point out the bulk of what was and is still out there for us to choose from. Whether you are a sportsman or a pro, there are so many races this season; I find it hard to think anyone could complain that there isn’t a lot that fits your program.


Before I begin to lay out all of the racing options for the 2013 season, I need to make my first .........

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