PXM Bike Turns Bracket Bike

June 30, 2013 @ 5:45 PM

                       ADRL Summer Drags IX - Martin, MI
                                        June 29-30


                4.16 Bracket Bike & Team Record Best MPH 170.30!

Grothus Dragbikes has returned to one of their favorite tracks, US 131 Motorsports Park! Martin, MI has yielded previous best elapsed times for the Grothus Dragbikes Indocil Art Pro Extreme Motorcycle and two ADRL semi final appearances.

The first qualifying hit yielded a solid 4.199 at 167.05 mph for the......

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Richmond x2

June 24, 2013 @ 3:30 PM

After racing at VMP twice in three weeks, Grothus Dragbikes is still striving to make more performance gains. ADRL Virginia was the first of 2 races in 3 weekends in which we would compete in at Virginia Motorsports Park. Q1 and a fairly mild tune up for Brunson netted a solid 4.21 off the trailer; however, after stepping on it for Q2, the Ryan Young Indocil Art Suzuki wouldn't shift to 3rd gear. After only these two rounds of qualifying, we ended up in the #9 position and would face #8 qualifier Mantez Thompson. First round Brunson Grothus led out of the gate by over .022 and had stretched his lead by another .020 by the 60' clocks. It wasn't meant to be as we were only able to muster a 4.22 to Mantez' 4.19......

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