NHDRO Summer Celebration

Big ET racing payouts & new pro-mod motor data acquisition attracted Grothus Dragbikes (GDB) to the No Hatin Drag Racing Organization's (NHDRO) Summer Celebration event at the famous Lucas Oil Raceway located just outside Indianapolis, IN. GDB owner, Ed Grothus, caught wind of the $5k to win Pro ET payout a few weeks prior to the event and immediately jumped at the chance to be an associate sponsor for the large sportsman payout. Ed himself knew what kind of excitement such an event draws as he won a $5k to win Pro ET event 20 plus years earlier at the 1995 Prostar World Finals in Gainsville, FL. In addition to the large Pro ET payout, it was time for Brody Grothus to start "cutting his teeth" on GDB's ZX14 streebike entry in the $3k to win Street ET class as well as time to gather some data on GDB's second pro-mod motor.

GDB arrived at the track Friday morning to do some test & tune on their new Kawasaki Vortex combination and give Brunson a few looks at a sportsman full tree. After a few laps, everything appeared to be dialed in and ready to go for Saturday's eliminations. Saturday began bright & early with 100 Pro ET entires and over 130 Street ET entries. After making several laps on Friday & two Saturday morning, Brunson's Kawasaki ran into a transmission issue that forced his bike to be done in Pro ET & Ultra 4.60 for the weekend. In the non-wheelie bar side of things, Brody had a little more luck than his older brother as he was able to turn on a win light & get himself a couple rounds deeper before ultimately turning on the red light ending his day before making it into the "money rounds."

Although GDB didn't make it many rounds in the ET action on Saturday, they did make the most of their time at the track & made a nice qualifying lap in pro-open on their second motor (having no data on it). Leaving their 1/8 mile setup in the bike and pulling four size jets out from the previous event, they ripped off a 4.14 in the 1/8 mile & coasted to a 6.84 at 150 mph in the 1/4 mile putting them in the #2 qualifying position. Sitting atop the pro-open field was turbo based entry Curtis Cutsinger who dropped a 6.63 at 204 mph on the "anything goes field" across the 1/4 mile.

Sunday morning was another beautiful day at Lucas Oil Raceway amd this time it was young gun Brody starting things off for GDB in the Street ET class. Brody made a couple nice time runs - seemingly improving each one - and then turned on the win light in round one to get things moving in the right direction. Then it was older brother Brunson's turn to hit the track & that he did by dropping some teeth off the back for the 1/4 mile setup & piloting their big Suzuki GS entry to a 4.13 in the 1/8 mile & a "little less" early shutoff of 6.73 at 156 mph in the 1/4 mile.

Then it was back to Street ET action where Brody was gaining valuable seat time & more confidence with every lap. But just as racing goes sometimes, he turned on the red light forcing himself to make a trip to the buy back window. The next round Brody kept it green & jumped out to a large hole-shot advantage over his opponent; however, he rode the bike even better and was a bit too quick for his dial in as he & his opponent had a double breakout with Brody coming out on the wrong end of it (as the better lights tend to do in those situations).

Up next was the pro-open final which paired GDB entry Brunson against the QuickTime Motorsports entry Marty "Pops" Sanzottera on his beautiful no-bar slick equipped monster turbo Suzuki Hayabusa machine. Neither rider left the starting line with a huge advantage over the other, but shortly there after Brunson's nitrous assisted entry began pulling away and he never looked back for the event win as he aired it out "some more" from the previous laps but well short of the 1/4 mile finish line to save on engine components, stopping the clocks at a career best 6.59 at 183 mph.

The GDB crew would like to thank Brain Welch & his whole staff at the NHDRO for hosting a great event & giving the Sportsman racers a chance to race for such a large payout. GDB is looking forward to their next event in the 2016 season which will be the Professional Drag Racing Association (PDRA) Memphis Drags August 12 - 13.

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